Luxurious 100% Pure Rose Water-Organic Bulgarian Rose Otto Hydrosol.

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  • This all natural luxurious rosewater can restore skin's pH balance immediately and provide anti-aging benefits. It naturally hydrates and refreshes skin. It significantly improves skin tone while calming redness and irritation. With daily application, this rosewater moisturizes, improves clarity, and contributes to a more beautiful, balanced, and radiant skin. It also hydrates and conditions hair. Suitable for all skin types and all hair types. Unlike other cheap "rosewater" flooding the market, Joyal Beauty rosewater is unique and luxurious. 
    ✔ It is NOT rose oil mixed with water. Some brands' rosewater are made in this way. It is the cheapest way. Molecules of such a rosewater are big and they lack healing functions to skin. 
    ✔ It is NOT added with rose fragrance mixed with water and glycerin. Fragrance might cause irritations. Glycerin is good for moisturizing but it also affects the healing function. 
    ✔ It is NOT from Morocco,Turkey, Lebanon,India or any other countries. Bulgaria Rose Valley is widely considered the best rose area. Flowers are collected by hand earlier in the morning and are distilled as fresh as possible to avoid any fermentation. 
    ✔ It is NOT from white rose or other color roses. Pink color Rose Damascena is considered the best and expensive species to produce the highest quality rosewater. 
    ✔ It is NOT preserved by alcohol or other chemicals. Impurities might cause irritations. 
    ✔ It is NOT diluted second, third rosewater during distilled process. e.g. 350 KG fresh rose flowers can only make 350 lit. first rosewater but can make 1400 lit. second rosewater. You do the maths.


  • * 100% Pure Bulgarian Rose Otto Hydrosol.
    * 100% Vegan
    * 100% Natural
    * 100% Alcohol-free
    * 100% Chemical-free
  • Facial Toner:

    Use as a all natural facial toner for a more gentle clarifying and cooling treatment. 
    Mist face before moisturizing to soften and hydrate; Mist after moisturizing and makeup to set makeup.
    Can be used multiple times throughout the day as a skin refresher.

    Hair Mist:
    Mist hair to condition hair deeply and add a healthy shine.
    Enhance and nourish hair;

    Normal, Dry, Oily, Combination, Sensitive, Acne-prone, All.

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