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  • ☀️ Ultra sheer, ultra gentle invisible daily protection  ☀️ Broad-spectrum protection from burning UVB & aging UVA rays 
    ☀️ Helps prevent sunburn and reduce signs of photo-aging
    ☀️ Goes on silky with a greaseless, invisible finish in just 60 seconds
    ☀️ For All Skin Types & Ethnicities, Face and Body, Adults and Kids. Tear-free non-irritation safe formula that can be used around sensitive eyes area.  

☑️A revolutionary sunscreen formula that’s both gentle and extremely effective at protecting from aging UVA and burning UVB rays. 
☑️ Contains Octinoxate, the most popular UVB sunscreen in the world, and micronized  Zinc Oxide, the gentlest UVA-protective sunscreen available. Both sunscreens are suspended in a biologically-inert silicone emulsion which helps prevent the irritation normally caused by sunscreens. This greaseless base leaves skin’s protective barrier intact, so your complexion stays calm and moist all day – regardless of skin type.
☑️Goes on sheer, is invisible in seconds. Any skin will find it easy to wear throughout the day. Due to the blend of UV absorbing (Octinoxate) and reflecting (Zinc Oxide) sunscreens, Solar Defender SPF 30 may be applied under or over moisturizer. May also be worn under makeup or alone.
☑️This formula is enriched with cell-protecting antioxidant Vitamin E, stabilized Vitamin C and soothing Green Tea and Aloe to help lessen damage caused by direct sunlight.
☑️The American Academy of Dermatology recommends a minimum SPF 15 sunscreen be worn daily to protect from UV light.
☑️Does not contain mineral oil or pore clogging ingredients.


  • Octinoxate | world’s most popular UVB sunscreen; absorbs UV; Micronized Zinc Oxide | the gentlest UVA-protecting sunscreen available; reflects UV;  Green Tea Seed Extract | subdues signs of redness and aging caused by free radicals; >Tocopheryl Acetate | anti-aging Vitamin E; protects natural radiance; Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate | stabilized time-released Vitamin C; helps repair visible signs of sun-damage.
  • DIRECTIONS: Home Care | Apply liberally to face and body at least ten minutes before sun exposure or two minutes before applying makeup. Reapply after swimming or excessive perspiration. As part of effective age-fighting program, apply every morning throughout the year. Because Solar Defender SPF 30 is a blend of UV absorbing and reflecting sunscreens, it may be applied over or under moisturizer.

  • Facial Procedure | Solar Defender SPF 30 is recommended as the finishing product at the end of the facial procedure for any skin type. It may be applied over finishing cream or moisturizer. It should not be rubbed in completely, but left on the skin until it becomes transparent.

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