Royal Jelly is one of the phenomena of the world! The 1950s saw royal jelly being added to a number of natural cosmetic lines,beginning in Europe in 1953. Royal jelly is considered to be one of the world's most nutrient-rich substances, packed with protein and more than 100 nutrients! Royal jelly contains 66.05% moisture, 12.34% protein, 5.46% lipids, 12.49% reducing substance, 0.82% minerals and 2.84% of unidentifiable elements. Within this complex mixture are found natural hormones, enzymes, biocatalysts, and abundance of B vitamins—including thiamine, riboflavin, pyridoxine, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, instol and folic acid—vitamins A, E, C and acetylcholine, along with 20 different amino acids, fatty acids, sugars, sterols, phosphorous compounds (including DNA and RNA) and a gelatinous precursor of collagen. Additionally royal jelly contains gamma globulin, and infection-fighting an immuno-stimulating factor, and decanoic acid, which exhibits strong antibiotic activity.
The amino acids in royal jelly are basic ingredients in collagen, which are essential in maintaining the skin's firmness by supporting the skin's connective tissue. Royal jelly can also help to reverse the effects of ageing in the skin by eliminating pigmentation as well as wrinkles. Royal jelly is widely used around the world, where it is known for its ability to enhance skin texture and smoothness. Royal jelly (and honey, propolis) has been shown to be effective as a softener for dry skin and the toning lotion for firming relaxed, stretched or stressed skin. 
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September 21, 2017 by joyalbeauty Admin