Joyal Beauty®100% Pure Mulberry Silk Face Mask Face Covering Made in USA. Reusable Washable Breathable Comfortable 2 Layers. Adjustable Ear Loops.


❤️ Luxury 100% Mulberry Silk Mask Made in USA. Double silk layers. Top Grade 6A 19 momme -premium quality thicker and denser silk.  Light as a feather. All natural pure mulberry silk is the most skin-friendly fabric in the world. Great for all skin types including sensitive skin.    

❤️ Super-soft, super-smooth pure silk offers the breathable, cool and soothing feeling. Comfortable to wear in hot Summer. Silk mask is hypoallergenic and is especially good for people wearing glasses or people with sensitive skin and have skin issues to other ordinary face masks.

❤️ Gorgeous 3D design to fit any face shapes and nose bridge. Adjustable flexible ear loops to increase comfort. 

❤️ Anti-aging. Pure silk forms a moisture barrier against the skin to hydrate the skin naturally and reduce the wrinkles around the nose and mouth caused by sun exposure. 

❤️ Suitable for everyday wear. Can be used for beauty skin care, sun protection, anti-dust, anti-pollen, shopping, walking, skiing, running, riding, fishing, snowboarding, motorcycling, hiking etc.

❤️ Unisex style and standard size. One size fits all.  Stretchable silk and adjustable ear loops are easy to adjust.  

❤️ Designed and made by fashion studio professionals with love and care in Los Angeles, USA.  Luxury High Fashion.

Style 1 (as our model's picture) : Two colors: Gorgeous soft pink / Cool pure black. (Style 1 is stretchable.) 

Style 2: Two colors: Elegant spruce blue/ Cool plain black.  (Style 2 is not stretchable.) 

❤️ Fast shipping within 1-2 business days from Los Angeles, USA.  

❤️ Silk and pearl are best friends. Gorgeous and functional pearl necklace/ face mask chains are optional.    

* This product is not returnable or exchangeable.

Pure Silk Mask Instructions:

1. Gently wash before wearing. Hand-washing your pure silk mask with gentle pH neutral liquid detergent can maximize its life span and help to keep its natural shine and softness. 

2. Cover your mouth and nose with the silk face mask.

3. Your silk face mask should fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face.

4. Adjust the ear loops as needed. 

5. Gently wash after use. When it comes to drying your pure silk mask, natural air drying in the shade is best. Do not tumble dry.

Mask Chain Options: 

1. Premium Quality Faux Pearl Mask Chain Necklace  

📿 Faux Pearl 6mm Mask Chain Beaded / Lanyard/ Holder/ Strap / Necklace for Women Girls Brides.
📿 You can use it as your face mask chain or simply use it as beautiful classic necklace. 30 Inches Length. Can be worn like long necklace or short necklace.
📿 Elegant, Functional, Easy to adjust (big clasps are easy to use), Long-lasting, Fun to wear. Timeless Pearl Beauty Fits Any Styles and Outfits.
📿 Handmade by Professionals with Love in Los Angeles Fashion Studio.

2. Luxury Genuine Freshwater Pearl Necklace High Quality White 8.5-9.5mm Pearls with 925 Silver Charm Pendant and Big Clasps.

📿 Women’s genuine pearl necklace featuring round white Freshwater cultured pearls in premium quality. The pearl strand measures 18 inches in length, and is affixed with the highest quality 925 sterling silver color tiny diamond decorated bowknot and water drop shape pearl pendant. Can be worn on any occasion, whether formal dress evening event/ wedding / birthday party / anniversary or everyday casual.
📿  Big unique style clasps are easy to use. You can wear it with pendant or without pendant. You can even use it as your unique style face mask chain. Our necklace is nickel free and lead free.
📿  Our top quality jewelry pearls are handpicked, real pearls with thick and iridescent nacre. Our pearls are imported directly from the source and represent the finest luster & quality. Please note each real pearl is naturally created by nature and each pearl is unique, so they are not perfectly round or at the same size. Our pearls sizes are around 8.5-9.5mm. Shape from near round to potato round. (Please note natural 'flaws" on real pearls are normal because they've been in the oyster longer and have had more time to develop blemishes. It's extremely rare for a pearl to be completely free of blemishes. Natural "flaws" are beautiful because each of them are unique and real. Please see the detailed picture. Each real pearl is not exactly the same. )

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